Thursday, 27 February 2014

Every Step of the Way

Have you been considering insuring your accounts receivable but aren't sure where to start? Sorting out your credit insurance needs can feel like an uphill climb. Our Customer Service Agent Brokers will act as your guide, leading you through the process form beginning to end. We have the right equipment for your journey.

  • INDUSTRY EXPERTISE - knowing your industry allows us to serve you best
  • PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE - we know what fits your business
  • REPUTATION - we are the largest specialist credit insurance brokerage firm in Canada
  • EXPERIENCE - decades of practise in insurance, accounting, and credit management
Your CSA will facilitate understanding of policy endorsements and coverage issues. Through all stages of claim filing and indemnification, GSA will be there for you.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions:

Gerald Shtull & Associates

Our Mission
Gerald Shtull & Associates is dedicated to providing expert service with unwavering professional care; prioritising the protection of our clients' accounts receivables and the future growth and prosperity of their business.