Monday, 24 February 2014

Considering Export to the US?

Are you considering expanding your business to include export to the United States? EDC (Export Development Canada) offers an authoritative guide, Doing Business in the United States. A meticulous report on the US marketplace for first time and seasoned exporters alike, the document offers valuable information  and expert advice.

Doing Business in the United States: A Guide for Canadian Exporters and Investors is broken down into eleven insightful chapters:
  1. Canada and the U.S. Market
  2. The U.S Economic Environment
  3. Key Opportunity Sectors in U.S. Regional Markets
  4. Preparing to Export to the United States
  5. Traveling to the United States
  6. Establishing Your U.S. Presence
  7. Investing in the United States
  8. Contracts, litigation and intellectual property
  9. Finances and Financing
  10. Trade Compliance
  11. Delivering to the United States