Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Story of Target Canada: From Arrival to Disaster

Target Arrives in Canada
Amid speculation around prices, competition and the retail industry climate; Target begins its journey across Canada, projecting the opening of 150 stores by the end of 2017
Target's arrival in Canada a game-changer for retailers at home and afar
December 11, 2012

Canadian Tire, Loblaw in 'battle mode' ahead of Target arrival
February 17, 2013

Target arrives in Canada
March 5, 2013

The Problems Begin 
The retailer endures mounting criticism for its Canadian operations. Lack of stock, product selection, pricing problems, and disorganization rank high on the list of complaints
Target's trouble stocking shelves due to outdated system
March 5, 2013

Target Canada still plagued by price perception problems as sales fail to meet expectations
October 30, 2013

Target Canada's failed launch offers lessons for other retailers
July 21, 2014

Target Lowers Outlook Amid 'Continuing Train Wreck In Canada'
August 6, 2014

 The End of Target Canada
In January 2015, Target Canada files a notice to its creditors of an intention to commence court-supervised restructuring proceedings (C.C.A.A., Canada's equivalent to Bankruptcy), and begins preparations for its exit from Canada and the closure of all Canadian operations.

Litany of problems pushes Target into giving up on Canada
January 15, 2015

Target to Exit Canada After Two-Year Effort Fails - 5th Update
January 15, 2015

Target Corp: A timeline of the retailer's failed Canadian experiment
January 15, 2015